About Us

Speakal.com (a wholly owned subsidiary of Lanchiya Technology USA) combines high quality design elements, state of the art technology and a unique sense of style to create high performance audio solutions for the everyday consumer.  The company’s flagship model, the iPig, was widely acclaimed at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show and throughout the year in various well renowned publications and TV shows. 

Speakal.com is the official and authorized dealer and sole distributor of LANCHIYA Technology. With over a decade of experience in the manufacturing and assembly of powerful Home entertainment speaker systems, Lanchiya’s vision is to create smart, advanced, highly functional and widely compatible, fashionable and convenient digital speakers that brings a truly enjoyable experience to the end-user.

Our Speaker systems combine many desirable and unique elements from the visual appeal, the clarity of sound produced, the multi functionality of use blended with the latest in technology to ensure satisfaction and pride of ownership.