SLASH GEAR AUGUST 13, 2008 By Brenda Stokes


It's no oinker

If you're looking for a unique way to dock your iPod, the iPig from Speakal is the way to go. Announced today, this cute little piggy packs a serious punch and isn't like every other docking station on the block. This one really delivers.


August 14, 2008 by SHINY SHINY

Often when you get a cute colorful speaker you're looking at a measly 6 watt output with no audio quality and rubbish sound. . . . . I think Speakal may be the first to corner the quality-meets-cute audio market, with the launch of their iPig.


August 13, 2008 CRUNCH GEAR by John Biggs


iPig: Not what you call Steve Jobs when he pinches your buttock

A pig. A speaker. An iPod. It may seem like a funny Matthew Mcconaughey but it's actually the Speakal iPig, an iPod dock shaped like a pig. We've seen these things for a while now but now you can get your iPig in white, pink, and yellow and costs $139. This porcine dock has five internal speakers "pumping out" 25 watts of PURE ENERGY. It also has a 3.5mm jack for those who don't want to sully their pig with an Apple product.


March 19, 2009 CNET


In the realm of adorable iPod speakers, Lanchiya Technology's Speakal line has to take the cake.

When it comes to performance, we've learned to take cutesy iPod speakers with a grain of salt; many of them put all their eggs in the design basket, thus leaving little investment for the audio aspect. Happily, the iPig does not fall into this trap. A combination of the placement of the speakers, the inclusion of a subwoofer, and the capability to tweak bass and treble settings give this speaker a leg up in sound quality. Music sounds clear and open, and the details across the high-end come through with excellent definition. Most notably for a unit of this size, bass is impressively boomy (though it's not as tight as with some competitors), and the volume reaches almost ear-splitting levels with no distortion. All in all, the iPig is a great choice for porcine-loving iPod owners who don't want to sacrifice sound quality for a fun design.

With top sound quality and the cutest, catchiest design on the market, the iPig is sure to please the eyes and earsYour browser may not support display of this image.


July 30, 2009-10-12  TODAY'S REVIEW


Today I am looking at the Speakal iPig. Just as the name suggests this is an iPod speaker dock that looks like a pig. This product is the epitome of don?t judge a book by its cover.

The piggy styling may make you think the iPig is a toy for kids, but t.


August 14, 2008   TFTS Technology for the Soul


Novel iPod speaker docking stations are nothing new, but whereas, at best, the majority of such novel docking stations (iPets, et al) are wholly whimsical devices that offer somewhat poor sound reproduction, Speakal's iPig iPod Docking Station is far from just a mere novelty device in boasting no less than five separate speakers complete with an integrated 4" sub-woofer delivering up to 25W of sound output paired with 360 degree sound distribution.


August 2008  GADGET OF THE WEEK - COLLEGES.COM  By Karen Hall


This cabbage-sized iPod docking system with a quirky design delivers surprisingly good sound quality, and makes for a whimsical "conversation piece" or coffee-table focal point to boot.


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When you are a true music fanatic you will want to make sure that you have all of the touches that will have you enjoying your music in style When you get yourself the Speakal iPig Speakers For iPod . These are a great touch and will have you listening to your music in a more fun and exciting way. .. These speakers will produce a great quality sound while they help you to decorate in an exciting way. .These pig looking speakers will have you rocking out in a very fun way.

iPig will rule the future By K amazon.com


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iPig will rule the future

This is probably one of the best investment of my money. It is absolutely the coolest iPod dock on the market. Unlike some iPod docks this takes so much less space compared to other docks, its sound quality is AMAZING, and it makes for an amazing decorati...


Cute Little Piggy By BigAl amazon.com


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Cute Little Piggy

The most distinguished feature of the iPig is not its cute piggy face, which it has, or those cute pig ear volume controls, which I love to play with, but the 4-½  inch subwoofer at the bottom. With it, I can hear the drums when I play the sound tracks of

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